Monday, October 31, 2011

Character Model

Name: BUM

Gender: Male
Age: 40
Ethnicity: White

He doesn't look the part but He was born into a wealthy family, heir to a major saffron producing company. He was taught the tools and trade of the company. Grew up ignorant to the poverty and sufferings of the world. Unbeknownst to him, his father's company greatly depended on 3rd world country labor. On his 21st birthday, his father took him to vacation in India, to show him the Taj Mahal and one of his major saffron cultivation site. There he came to realize the evils of the company. The employees were treated poorly and worked in hot cramped environment. They work 14 hours a day making only 2 dollars a day. Even children as young as seven were laboring in the fields. Horrified by the sight he stopped by a nearby Buddhist temple to clear his mind. There he met a monk who preached to him the way of the Buddha. He then decided to live the life of a Hobo renouncing all material things.
Now he lives in Scranton Pennsylvania. His biggest worry at the moment, is the unstable living situations. He's often evicted from his apartments causing him to take shelters in the parks and under the bridge. He would take on side jobs that people would offer him out of pity, such as sweeping side walks, and shoveling snow. He only makes enough to afford himself a hearty meal once a week. He gets most of his necessities from charities, and the salvation army. He would write down his thoughts in notebooks that he store in garbage bags. He's well established as a friendly figure around the block. Loves to talk about current events, existentialism, and Zen Buddhism. When ask about his past life he'll curve the conversation with proverbs, leaving you confused.
It wasn't until his father died, did the responsibility dawn upon him. He realizes that he can contribute to the world by donating his money, but he'll have to take control of the company and give up his humble hobo life.


Sunday, March 27, 2011